Teaching Experts to Stand Out and Get Noticed Through the Power of the Spoken Word

Award-Winning International Speaker

As a main stage speaker at your event, Steve will keep your entire audience captivated, engaged and entertained.

If your audiences are entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, authors, speakers or professionals, Steve will shake their beliefs, disrupt their perspectives and inspire them to become more than they ever thought they could be.

Steve's content is educational, transformative and interactive. But most of all, you'll find Steve to be extremely easy to work with!  He rarely uses slides and he always delivers.

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"Of all the keynote speakers we had at our convention, Steve was the most talked-about. His session was simply outstanding."

Darren Pratley, CSP
Convention Chair, National Speakers Association New Zealand

Master Breakout Speaker

As a trainer or breakout speaker, Steve is unparalleled.  His content is rich, targeted, unique and relevant

Steve will provide exceptional value to your breakout participants.  He requires very little set up or technology; just a couple of flip charts  and a bar stool usually does the job.

Your attendees will leave not only educated, but they will be motivated and excited to implement Steve's unique and powerful concepts to help them build there businesses and improve their lives.

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"Seldom have I seen so much value packed into one 45-minute breakout! Steve is number one!"

Paul De Toit, Capetown
Professional Speaker

Mentor to Expert Speakers Worldwide

While Steve is an exceptional speaker, his true gift is turning others into exceptional speakers. Through his mentorship, over 40 of his clients have become award-winning professional speakers.

Steve has a gift that allows him to identify greatness in others and to pull magic out of them they never knew existed.  And he can do it right there, on the stage right in front of a live audience and usually within two minutes.

If your audience wants to learn high-impact speaking and presenting techniques and watch them work right before their very eyes, then get Steve to come and do one of his interactive "High-Impact Speaking" sessions.  

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"I get more standing ovations, more repeat speaking gigs and more spin-off business because of what Steve has taught me."

Cam Calkoen, Auckland
Professional Speaker

Steve's Been Busy

  • Vice-President Elect of the Global Speakers Federation. Will serve as President in 2021
  • Past National President, Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS)
  • One of fewer than 5% of the world's professional speakers to hold the Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation
  • 2017 Speaker of the Year Award, Professional Speakers Association of the United Kingdom (Scotland)


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