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Steve is an informational keynote speaker. His content is targeted at experts who monetize their message through the spoken word.

Great audiences for Steve are entrepreneurs who need to stand out and get noticed.  Steve will show them how to do exactly that by positioning themselves as being profoundly unique in their field simply by changing the way they speak or present.


Steve likes 45 - 60 minutes to deliver exceptional value. His signature keynotes are:

Stand Out, Get Noticed and Be Chosen

How to position yourself as only logical choice by leveraging the power of the spoken word


More self-proclaimed experts in every field across the globe are taking to the platform to position themselves as the expert of choice, and they all do it in exactly the same way. This presents a massive opportunity for you as an expert speaker, to appear to be profoundly different from everyone else in your space simply by changing the way you speak. In this fast-paced, informational keynote Steve will show you how you can stand out, get noticed and be chosen by leveraging the power of the spoken word in a very specific way.

Technical Requirements: Two flip charts, fresh black markers and a bar stool

The Three Circles of Speaking Energy

High-Impact Speaking Techniques for Speakers. This session will ruin every conference you go to from now on!


Have you ever wondered why some speakers can captivate an entire room while others find it difficult to be heard at all?  It’s because of the nature of their presence on the platform.  In this interactive keynote, Steve will share “The Three Circles of Speaking Energy” to help you create the presence you want on the platform, manage your connection with your audience and keep their eyeballs on you and your message every second you’re on the platform.  After this session, you’ll never look at speakers the same way again.

Technical Requirements: Video feed with audio, extra headset mic for volunteers, stage-hand to mic volunteers

Steve has a reputation for delivering outstanding value from the platform. Under certain circumstances, Steve is open to waiving his speaker fee in exchange for making a short offer at the end of his presentation.

Steve is a low-maintenance speaker.  He's easy to work with, highly professional and will always deliver.

All speaking enquiries go directly to Steve's wife Jayne Lowell at +1 (514) 953-6317 or jayne@jaynelowell.com


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